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Your website’s design is one of the most important aspects to consider to improve your company’s online presence. A majority of web traffic is going to be influenced by your website’s design. Because of this, you want to adhere to various web design principles that can keep your web design looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible. That being said, your design should not only look good, but it should be well optimised to perform well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Your web design sets the first impression of your traffic which can completely dictate whether or not they remain on your site or page, if they come back, and even if they convert. Therefore, you should be placing a significant emphasis on getting your design up to industry standards. If your design is lacking compared to your competition, you will end up losing out on a large percentage of the market share. Not only that, but your design can play a significant influence in whether or not you are able to rank well within the search engines and it can determine the amount of trust that you are able to gain from oncoming traffic and prospective customers as a whole. CREDITS: Dublin Web Design